Welcome to the era of vaccine advertising.

Kicking-off Public Service Advertising for the most anticipated ‘product’ of the year.

It’s been almost a year since we’ve started seeing advertising that continuously highlighted ‘being together in uncertain times’. From emotional ads about being apart to light-hearted ads about connecting through a screen, brands and their creative teams have done a pretty good job keeping the world’s morale high.

The time has finally arrived where the race for a formidable vaccine is coming to an end. As various vaccines roll out in major countries, a new unique hurdle now poses to delay a COVID-free world: the anti-vaxxers.

So, now more than ever is the time for vaccines to imprint a positive image in the consumers' mind. With the same intention, a number of healthcare groups including Pfizer have come together to give people a compelling picture of the relief we’ve all been waiting for.

A set of 4 films, featuring real-life instances, illustrate how vaccination can change our lives, and bring the much-needed warmth that has somewhat diminished over the past year by living virtually.

The campaign, made by agency Mischief @ No Address, are themed together as ‘Because of It’. Featuring actual people and different situations through the pandemic, these films bring out the raw happiness and sadness that we’ve all been through during these times of solitude.

At the end of them all, viewers are prompted to visit SciencePossible.com. This website has compelling evidence and facts from the W.H.O and the C.D.C to explain how vaccines are doing their part efficiently and how the viewer can do the same by taking them.

Couch Comforts (Here’s what I think is good about it.)

Healthcare has always been using an emotional touch to approach its audiences. What works for this campaign is the fact that this time, the setting is real. The laughter, the pain and everything in between are from actual people and actual situations. This is so important for life-altering products, especially when you’re talking about one that is aiming to run through almost every vein.


Another thing to take notice is the duration of the films. I love that fact that they are super short. They could have been made longer with a montage of various families, listing out several advantages and a compelling last argument. That is how Healthcare ads usually go. And yet, these films prove that you don’t need too much to make a point.


Even though the situations and the footages are real, what really brings everything together, in the end, is the unique way of laying out the Question/Answer argument. While the vaccine is the possible answer to our COVID worries, here it takes the role of a question and lets people’s genuine concerns be the answer. It beautifully highlights what’s really important and how we can get there.

Couch Cramps (Here’s what didn’t fit well for me)

Despite adoring the simplicity and trueness of the commercials, I felt these films lacked credible evidence about the vaccine. I’m not saying I need detailed proof of how this vaccine with combat COVID inside me but something solid that grounds the idea of taking the vaccine deeper. While we are pretty emotional with the current situation of our lives, we definitely want to be sure how the vaccine is the most powerful solution.


In the end, is this strong enough to convert an anti-vaxxer? I’m not so sure about it. Though, I agree, the films are pretty moving. But, for someone who already has barriers against the vaccine, I doubt this will be strong enough to break them. It has to be something that shows them the truth of what they’ve been falsely perceiving.

The world is drawing a deep sigh as the vaccines start rolling out slowly. Though it’ll take months for a common man to get them, the positivity that the news has brought with it is undeniable.

Soon, we will see sky-rocketing growth in vaccine marketing and advertising. With it will come challenges and opportunities for agencies to showcase their craft to audiences in a way they haven’t done yet.

The question now lies in which will be the most efficient of them all.

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