Here are a set of scrumptious ads from the food category and the advertising takeaways from them.

The Super Bowl last month was like a breath of fresh air in the otherwise gloomy mood of the year. With it came a series of ads that made us smile, laugh, and…

Here’s how competing brands advertised after AB InBev bought airtime exclusivity.

After a scary, sad, and scornful 2020, this year has finally come with its a fair share of some good news around the world. Among them was the Super Bowl 2021. …

Here’s how Anheuser-Busch InBev and its ensemble of beer brands entertained us during Super Bowl 2021.

From an exciting half-time performance by The Weeknd to Tom Brady scoring another win, the finale of NFL this year did turn out to be a mega-entertainer.

Given the fact that almost everyone watched…

Kicking-off Public Service Advertising for the most anticipated ‘product’ of the year.

It’s been almost a year since we’ve started seeing advertising that continuously highlighted ‘being together in uncertain times’. From emotional ads about being apart to light-hearted ads about connecting through a screen, brands and their creative teams have done a pretty good job keeping the world’s morale high.

The time…

Hola Adlanders!

This is such an exciting time for advertising!

No doubt, the gloomy Coronavirus clouds continue to make it a dull atmosphere. But, as I skim through ads/on-ground activations/print from around the world, I see drastic shifts week after week. And that’s the kind of ‘exciting’ I’m talking about.

Summarizing the task ahead for Brands and their Communication in two exploratory principles.

‘Uncertain times’ has to be one of the most trending phrases of 2020.

After words like ‘COVID’ and ‘Coronavirus’, obviously.

Thanks to all the advertising and news coverage, they’ve been etched in everybody’s mind. And despite it…

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