5 ‘delicious’ Ads from Super Bowl LV

Here are a set of scrumptious ads from the food category and the advertising takeaways from them.

The Super Bowl last month was like a breath of fresh air in the otherwise gloomy mood of the year. With it came a series of ads that made us smile, laugh, and almost cry. Out of the long list of commercials, a few from the food category really made me chuckle! So, here’s a rundown of all the ‘delicious’ spots that teemed with creativity and fun.

Cheetos gets Mila & Ashton to portray the banter of every other couple

If this isn’t relatable AF for couples, I don’t know what will be! Sharing (& saving) your favourite snacks is a task and even more is getting out of getting caught. I would have never imagined Cheetos to talk about something like this as I’ve always pictured it to be a kid’s snack. That’s when I realized that Cheetos has done such a clever thing by targeting a slightly older generation that had grown up eating Cheetos (like me!) and roping them back in. Even the song and the duo (Mila & Ashton) bring back so many old memories. Cheetos did a mighty clever one with this spot!

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Matthew McConaughey makes life feel fuller with Doritos 3D.

And here we have another iconic chips brand, with another iconic celebrity, featuring another iconic song. This time, Dorritos used this formula to launch its newest variant of chips which are, for the very first time, ‘3D’. Lots of slice-of-life instances where Matthew lives a ‘flat’ life only to feel ‘fuller’ with the first bite of the 3D chips. Quite hilarious and witty, this one is definitely memorable.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners.


Forget the world with endless flavours from Pringles.

In this spot, Pringles picks up their own USP and plants them in a larger-than-life situation. What I really liked about this spot is the fact that it featured the chips to be snacked at really usual places, between people you would least expect to eat them. Driven by the insight of how much we love ALL the flavors, this one takes their ‘flavor-stacking’ idea a step further.

Agency: Grey Group

COUCH TAKE-AWAY (3 universal points in the above spots) -

  1. A unique choice of characters: While 2 spots used celebrities and the other commoners in an uncommon situation. NOT your average Joe’s that you would expect.
  2. And yet still relatable!: Snack wars are common, eating something mice and then feeling better is common, even forgetting yourself when you have a delicious snack is common!
  3. The USP sparks the story: It was the signature stick yellow cheetos stains that sparked doubt, the ‘3D-ness’ of chips that brought back Matthew, and flavor-stacking that made people forget the world.

I really enjoyed these watching three ads and analyzing the underlining fundamentals in them. There’s one more ad that really stood out for me. And this one was quite crazy!

Count the countless crazies with Mountain Dew’s Major Melon.

This one spot stood out for me just for the sheer visuality of it. Mountain Dew launched their newest varient with almost everything that you see on screen made up of their bottle or water melon itself. To top that off, John Cena asks you to count them all!

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day NY

So there you have it. Advertising for quick-eatables like chip is probably the most fun to create with absolute freedom, and the jazz that comes with it. But, making it relevant to the product truth as well making it memorable is where the challenge always lies. Cheetos, Doritios, Pringles, and Mountain Dew have all tackled them really well, giving the audience a few laughs and a lot more cravings!

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